Monday, May 7, 2012

Ebook Release: "Whole Again"

After a long hiatus, my third short story, "Whole Again," is now available for purchase from Amazon. It can be read on Kindle or on the Kindle app for iPads, PCs and MACs. Thank you to Kortnee for all her hard work editing and to Neil Wells for my awesome cover! Thank you also to my wonderful support system for always pushing me forward. After a long semester, I needed to get back to my writing. Bill, mom, dad, Sarah, Kristin, Gabe, Kortnee, you are a few of these wonderful people and I can't tell you how much it means to have you behind me. (These are just a few, there are more. Sorry if your name isn't listed.) Thank you also to my followers on here, twitter and facebook for the ongoing support. 

Story Description: (Short Story) Claire quit doing drugs before she got pregnant but it would 

take strength of character and the support of her family to break out of the abusive 

relationship that got her started on drugs in the first place. A recovering addict, Claire shares 

her story of destruction, abuse and redemption.

Hope you enjoy! Comments and reviews on Amazon are always appreciated!

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