Friday, January 13, 2012

Tebow: The Answer to a Broncos Fan's Prayers?

Alright, before anyone accuses me of jumping on a bandwagon I want to make a few things very clear. I was happy when we drafted Tim Tebow, I DIDN'T buy his jersey until after I saw him play and I waited not-so-patiently for Kyle Orton to get the boot. Now that we can put this aside, I'll answer the question posed in the title of this blog post: Yes, Tim Tebow is our answer. I don't care if you are Christian or not, this isn't a religious posting, though I am a Christian. If it makes you feel happier inside, pretend the question was "Is Tim Tebow the hope for the Broncos' future?" Happy? OK, good, that's another thing to mark off the list of sensitive subjects and now we can get down to the matter at hand, Tim Tebow.

What a happy draft day it was for me!

I have spent every day that I work with my male co-workers defending Tebow. "He can't throw," "He's a college quarterback," "He's a running back." I've heard all of these comments and I don't care. Tebow doesn't make the calls so it's not really up to him to make the decision to throw all the time. Give the kid a break. The entire week leading up to the Pittsburgh game was full of news commentators and sports critics saying that Denver didn't have a chance of winning. Well, we won! I honestly think that Tebow thrives off of being doubted. Did you see how ampted up that boy was? It was like he drank 20 Red Bulls and went skipping around the field with enthusiasm. That's what I like to see! The only thing missing for me was him waving sparklers in a frenzied manner. He wants to win and prove himself! The poor guy has been fighting to prove himself all season. If he won it was a fluke or a 4th quarter miracle. It can't just be a win, it has to be a win that is up for debate but let's look at the facts. Tebow went 7-4 after replacing Orton. Yeah, Orton was 1-4. The Broncos ended up 8-8 and won the AFC West. I'm not saying this is a rock-star record but it got the Broncos into our first playoff game since 2005. 

See how amped he was?!
Where's the sparklers Tim?

It's been a long, lonely road for Broncos fans these past few years. I'm not saying we were the saddest team in the NFL but we got close. Then we got Tebow. If anything, this gave fans hope. Then us fans waited...and waited....AND WAITED until we finally got to see what he could do. Now, we are in the playoffs and we took down the Steelers. Still, they doubt him. If you look at his stats, I understand a little bit. His career completion percentage is a 47.3% which is pretty meager no matter how you try to paint it. However, he threw for  316 yards in the game against the Steelers and it finally felt like they were letting him do his job, whereas it's felt like they have been restraining him for quite some time. I'd also like to point out that someone has to CATCH the ball, not just throw it. Let's take a look at the whole offense when we have problems, including the play calling, not just the quarterback. 

"See? This is what happens when you
believe I can win!"

So tomorrow the Broncos face the Patriots and, once again, Tim Tebow will be called into question by millions. Well, for this Bronco fan, all I have to say is that he already proved himself to me. I hope they win but my support of Tebow isn't contingent on it. Whatever happens, I hope in the off-season that they take Tim aside and work with him because I see a lot of potential in him. This is our future, Broncos fans, don't screw it up by doubting him over and over. Remember our hero John Elway? He went 4-6 his first year with a completion percentage of 47.5% (and, side note, the highest his completion percentage ever got in a season was a 63%). He needed time and so does Tebow. Give him the time and let's see what an amazing quarterback he can be. Go Broncos! Let's kick some Patriot butt!

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  1. GO BRONCOS!!! It's Tebow time. Can't wait for them to kick some Patriot butt!

    1. Go Broncos!!! And down with Belichick's hoodie! lol

  2. I have been a Tebow fan since he was a Gator. Mostly because my brother went there, but I am a huge fan and I hope he continues to prove himself. You make some very excellent points about Elway, but most people don't like it when you poke holes in their Religion. (Elwayism if you were wondering). I have to say my favorite thing about Tebow is his attitude. I'm glad he is proud of his Christianity and I like his humble can win attitude. Let's go Broncos.

    1. I agree James, nobody likes it when you poke at Elway. I actually like Elway but I also acknowledge that he wasn't always a superstar and that he had a great team to back him up when we won our Super Bowls lol. Either way, Go Broncos and Go Tebow! Thanks for commenting!