Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Biggest Loser: End of Week 2

So, if it's any indication to how my week is starting, this is a day late. However, at least I made time to do it. The past week went really well for Bill and I. We are still going mostly gluten-free with lower carb tendencies. We are also drinking a lot of water and it's been over two weeks since either of us had soda or candy. I'm proud of our progress! Alas, I can't say how proud or what our progress is. Why? Well, my Wii board has decided to malfunction and isn't weighing properly. So, I need to buy a scale before I can report back on here. I will do that soon but I am currently in bed because my back went out again. So, for now, this will have to be a good enough update. We are sticking with the plan and I think we will have great numbers to report soon. Mom lost a pound and a half and Sarah lost a pound so we will see if I am behind them or in front of them in the contest soon. Until then, I will be resting. I hope everyone is having a great week and that everyone on diets are doing well and watching the weight fall off!


  1. I am so proud of you. Doesn't matter if it's slow, it matters that you're doing it. I'm thinking about doing a blog just on my weightloss journey. Don't know how well that will go but, well, thinking about it. Or maybe incorporating it into my blog.

    1. Thanks! It depends on which is easiest, incorporating or starting a full new one. I found incorporating mine was easier but I don't post as much as you these days because school is trying to take my soul lol. Do you mind if I steal your jar idea? It's genius!