Sunday, March 6, 2011

And That's Life Continues...

I haven't blogged in months but here I am, I have returned! ;) What possibly could have kept me so busy as not to write? Well, lots and lots of needles! No, I am not a junkie haha, I am injured. I have mentioned before that I was in a pretty bad car accident over a year ago but I am not allowed to talk too much about it because of the court case. HOWEVER, I am allowed to talk about the many fun-tastic procedures they do to try to get my body back to normal.

My body right now goes between feeling OK to feeling like I should be 90 years old. I wish I had a cane sometimes and no, I'm not kidding. For example, tonight I am lying in my bed, unable to move and I have no idea why. I can't stand up straight or sit straight and I can barely move without screaming.

But this blog isn't to complain, it's to share the many fun adventures of being hit by a car. OK...some complaining may be involved but I promise not to overdo it ;)

Fun Adventure Number 1? IMS ....what is this? This is where a man takes needles, much like acupuncture needles, and stabs them into your back, wherever is hurting the most, and bruises your muscles....why? Because your body's natural reaction is to send extra fluids to heal the muscle and they hope it will heal the already damaged muscles. It literally feels like tacks are being pushed into your back. The down side? Uh duh! You get stabbed with 30 plus needles at each session. The up side? The fun stories that come with it...The man who administers IMS to me is hilarious! Not only does he own a stuffed animal of Nessie but he distracts you by asking about movies and such. Apparently I am a weird girl (in a good way) because he asked me to list my favorite movies and they went like this, "Tommy Boy, Braveheart, Sleeping Beauty, Batman and X-Men." What? This isn't normal? ;) He also mentioned to me that his wife won't watch superhero movies and is no spring chicken....sad day, she doesn't watch awesome movies AND she got called old....don't worry doc, I won't tell ;)

Fun Adventure Number 2? Facet Procedure. This is where they put you out and inject directly into your neck disc to take away the pain. The downside? Your neck is sore for a night. The upside? So far less pain in the neck but also the wonderful side effects of anesthesia! Apparently I woke up and was organizing my animal crackers...of course the hippo had to be eaten last! Also, I told the nurse she was my best friend and she snuck me some extra animal crackers CHA-CHING! I also got to hear the guy next to me cough up a lung and complain about everything...he was the poster child for not smoking and a jerk as well. I got treated extra nicely for not being a jerk, go figure! I also sent many fun, misspelled texts and forgot talking to my nurse every 2 minutes. She took out my IV and came back and I said "I think I fell asleep." She asked why and I said, "Well my IV is gone." She told me she had just taken it out...yeah I didn't remember. The man who put me under was awesome! He referred to himself as my bartender but said he didn't get to have as much fun as bartenders because all his clients fall asleep on poor bartender! I tried to talk to him but I was out in seconds. When I woke up they asked me to rate my pain apparently...I know this because the nurse later said "You said your pain was a 4 when you came out?" And I responded with, "Well if that's what I said, that sure sounds good." Lesson learned? Don't give Jill drugs...or do if you want comedy hour.

Along with these fun procedures I see a chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, neuro-psychologist, neurologist and many other doctors all in a week and as I do this I get to hear the fun comments from strangers and "friends" that it must be nice to have massages and not do anything all week. Yeah, you try having a highly damaged body part massaged....this is not a treat and seeing so many doctors is like having a full-time job. Why do I mention this? If you have any friends who are injured, don't judge until you know what they go through! I have been told it must be great not to be stressed. I have been told it must be nice not to work. Yeah....this is told to a person who never stopped moving, always was working or doing something. This was told to someone who faces stress every day because it is taking me forever to get better. I love how every person has an opinion and thinks they knows what is best when they have no idea what I go through every day. I don't wish pain on anyone and I hope they never go through what I have gone through but every so often I find myself wishing they could feel it just for a minute so they would understand and shut up. I have very few friends who don't do this and I thank them! I also have a wonderful boyfriend (that's the stud in the picture with me up top) who doesn't judge and a wonderful family! My support system rocks even if the rest of mankind doesn't haha.

So this is an update into the world of Jill and what I have been up to. I hope to be writing more. I will have plenty of time to if my back doesn't stop spasming. Hopefully some of the stories made you laugh and I didn't complain too much. Oh yeah! I almost forgot....HUGE bright side?! I got into Graduate School, which I have had to put off since the accident, and will hopefully be better because I am almost finished registering for fall of 2011! I will be a Children's Librarian before I know it! Woot Woot! :) Have a great day everyone and remember, you don't know what people are going through so don't judge until you know!


  1. Jill,

    Great to see a blog from you :-) Have been checking in wondering where you had gotten to. Sorry to hear all that you are going through, but glad to see you can make light of it and share it with your readers :-) Best of luck with your recovery.

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