Friday, June 24, 2011

The Green Lantern P.P.M.R (Positively Positive Movie Review)

Yes people I am back and I have business to get to but first I apologize for my hiatus, health issues called and I had to answer. However, I am back and ready to get this started up again! For my first blog back I figured a good old movie review would be great since I see so many of them.

The Green Lantern

I am one of those rare girls who LOVES comic book-based movies. Yes boys, I know I am awesome....sorry I am happily taken ;). It is because of this love that I looked forward to The Green Lantern and counted down to the opening with my boyfriend. I decided it was my turn to treat and even sprung for the 3D.

I entered the theater with great anticipation and I come bearing great news: If you are an insomniac, I have found the cure for you! I am ashamed to say that I became one of those people who falls asleep at the movies...I believe I even snored a little and I admit it willingly because its one of the best naps I have had in MONTHS!

I mean no disrespect. I mean a Super Hero movie starring Ryan Reynolds with lots of action, what's to lose right? Ummm...approximately 30 bucks. There was no problem with the acting, Ryan Reynolds was funny and serious at the appropriate moments and he embodied the character well. I even liked Blake Lively, an actress I am iffy on at times. I was even happy to find she played a pretty strong female character as opposed to the simple character of damsel constantly in distress (or at least from what I have seen).

Was there anything wrong with the action? No, not at all! Every time I woke up from my approximate 8 times of falling asleep there was a great fight scene or action sequence in motion. There was also an amazing display of special effects to be seen. I was greatly impressed by the action and bag of tricks they had up their sleeves. My problem? I wanted more!

So, there was nothing wrong with the acting, nothing wrong with the action sequences...then what IS my problem? It could be the mind-numbingly, painfully long beginning or terribly wordy scenes in between action. As a comic book-movie fan, I know that the first movie has to establish the background of the character and introduce the audience to the story but the beginning was so long that my first round of coma was induced. This continued as radically long conversations continued. Yes, you need the background and you need plot and story-lines and not just special effects but PLEASE blend it in with the action instead of setting the audience on a roller coaster of boredom, action, boredom, action. There has to be a balance and it has to blend. MANY movies successfully do this. This one only succeeded in giving me the most expensive nap ever.

All in all, I was disappointed. I hate to say this because I actually would love for them to make another Green Lantern now that they have the groundwork laid. Those who saw the first X-Men know it was a bit wordy in its explanations but nothing compared to this. So here's to me being back, to a great nap and HOPEFULLY a better sequel! (Sorry Ryan Reynolds)

Movie Rating: 3 Spoonfuls- Your sweet-tooth should be aching.

Wow, that wasn't as positive as I had hoped ;)

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