Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Poetry Corner- "Amazed"

This poem provides a sharp contrast to the last one I posted. Ever since I met my boyfriend I have done something I never had done in my life...write happy poems haha. Poems were always my outlet for frustration or anger or sadness, never happiness. Well, I guess he just inspires me :) This one is called "Amazed." Hope you enjoy! :)


How one look from you
Can turn my day around,
How just one single touch
Makes me melt to the ground.

How your arms have become my safety,
Your love become my soul.
How your love has saved me
And life finally feels in control.

Baby, you amaze me.

In your eyes I see my future
In your smile I see mine
In your arms bad disappears
And I know it will all be fine.

In your voice I feel my comfort
In your laugh my soul delights
With your promises I never wonder
‘cause I know you’ll do what’s right.

Baby, you amaze me.

As each day passes
I fall harder for you.
As each moment lingers
I love more than I ever knew.

As I look to the sky
I know you’re my gift
Made perfectly for me,
A love made never to shift.

Baby, you amaze me.

With every single smile,
Every single kiss,
Every single touch,
There’s not a moment I would miss.

You broke down my walls,
I gave up the fight.
For in my heart I knew
You were everything that’s right.

You hold me when I’m weak.
You’re my dreams come true.
You never let me fall,
My everything is you.

I found the greatest love,
One look and my heart blazed.
I’ll never give you up
Because baby you leave me amazed.

My night has become a sunny dawn because of you."- Ibn Abbad

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