Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm Movin' On!

For the past few months I've been watching the days until I move creep closer and closer. Now suddenly they are racing past me! I've been waiting and wishing and hoping for the time to speed up and now it's here and, surprisingly, I'm ready! A couple nights ago I went to a movie with a really great friend who has made sure to spend time with me before I leave (movie review to follow) and I realized that I may be moving away but those who care about me will keep in touch. I'm sick of caring about other people's opinions and being put on the back burner. A friendship works two ways, not one, and I am tired of carrying most of them despite being stuck on bed rest half the time!

I'm finally going to where I've always felt I belong and I am doing it with the man of my dreams! I'm going to live my dreams, become the person I want to be and I'm going to prove every person wrong who ever said I couldn't get better and I'd be stuck in Colorado forever! (No offense Colorado). This move has made me realize many things. First, I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Second, I have the best boyfriend in the world, best family and a few amazing friends. Third, your real friends shine through when things change. They roll with the punches and insist that distance won't change a single thing. Others pull away out of fear or don't care enough to even see you before you leave. This brings me to my biggest realization: The moment you become a true grown-up is when you stop caring what others think! Yes, I should have realized this a long time ago but it was something I once knew and forgot. Don't worry, my memory has been renewed!

I've spent my life trying to make everyone happy and it's time to make sure I am happy. I can't let other people's opinions deter me from my dreams and goals. It's time to take care of me! I don't care what people think anymore because it is my life and I am going to live it instead of sitting on a couch, watching it pass me by like so many people I know. I'm happy, that's all anyone should care about if they care about me. It's my life and I'm going to live it, those who love me will support me and be there no matter what! I'm moving on with my life, take it or leave it because I don't care anymore. :)


  1. I'll miss you but I plan to land on your couch some day soon. :-) I know we haven't seen each other much lately and maybe that's life but I really, really am going to make an effort to see you before you leave.

  2. Thanks :) That means a lot. Just so you know, this was a rant about all my friends, not just certain ones in particular lol.

  3. YAY FOR FUN TIMES! I am sad to loose you, but you deserve everything that you are working for and so much more! God has an amazing plan for you because you are His creation and He only wants the best for you! Love you!

  4. Aw I love you too! Thanks hun! I'll miss you but hey, you have to follow your dreams :) You deserve so much too and I know you'll get it! :)