Sunday, July 3, 2011

And the Yankee Dynasty Lives On!

Before any of my family or Colorado buddies start hounding me: yes, I am still a hardcore Rockies fan! However, Bill and I made a deal, we root for each other's teams as long as they aren't playing each other. It's a simple deal because I have never had a problem with New York teams. I am just glad he isn't from California (Dodgers, Raiders, Chargers....need I say more?). 

As part of my girlfriend duty, I actually pay attention to what he says about the Yankees. Plus, let's face it, it's not hard to know facts about the Yankees as they are a dominating team in baseball and have been for many, many years! So, when a Red Sox fan approached us today I was ready! It's odd because I have never had any horribly harsh feelings against Red Sox fans aside from my yelling at one when Giambi hit the homer to win a game against them last year (good times!). However, since dating Bill, it's like I have been injected with this Yankee Blue Pride or something and the sight of a Red Sox hat makes me cringe. Oh yeah, I am ready for New York!

Today Bill, my parents and I went couch shopping for our apartment. After a tremendously long battle with the saleslady from hell we were finally making our way to the counter to pay. Note to salespeople: Yes, we want your help. NO, we don't want you to hound us, follow us and badger us incessantly! Needless to say, we were already on edge when we reached the front and an inbred Boston fan approached us. I am not being mean, if you saw this man your mind would have screamed, "INBRED," too!

Bill was wearing his "Got Rings?" t-shirt that I bought him for Christmas and he was turned and about to walk away when this weird, half-toothless guy says, "Go Boston! Yankees suck, their time is over!" Of course, Bill turns around, ready for battle. He doesn't make a move at the guy of course but simply says, "Yeah, I'll let our rings do the talking." The guy starts in on how the Yankees' time has ended and their only memorable players were Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig!  Seriously?! Bill's fists clench just out of habit and he begins to argue when my big mouth actually opens and says, "Are you kidding me? What about Mantle, Maris, Jackson?" I am about to name more when he says, "You got nothing now." Once again I am at the defense, "Seriously?! What about Jeter, A-Rod, Swisher, CC?" The guy looks at me like woah, she knows baseball and he is obviously stumped. He starts mumbling about how it's all about to end and I say "Yeah, keep dreaming," as Bill says "Yeah, who's in first place?" The guy walks away mumbling and I am left standing with this odd proud feeling: Holy crap, I'm a Yankees fan!

No, I am not Yankee born but I am also not a bandwagon follower. Yes, the Rockies will always be my number one, win or lose, but I was able to take on a Boston fan today and win. No, not just win, I verbally kicked his ass! After the loser walked away I turned to look at Bill and he looked at me with pride and said "That's my girl!" After the guy walked away I was still naming players and I scared him away because he knew he had nothing. It felt good! It made me realize I'll be just fine in New York. Heck, I'm going to thrive, because I may not be Yankee born but I got me some Yankee Pride!

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