Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rally for Todd!

Read it all (it makes sense!)

Today I watched a baseball game that I would call disgraceful! No wait, that's not all. I have more words to describe it: disappointing, mind-numbing, blood pressure rising, aggravating, LONG! I have more but you get the picture. Yet, as I watched my Colorado Rockies get beaten 16-8 by the Kansas City Royals, THE WORST TEAM IN THE AMERICAN LEAGUE!, I had one thought: Get Todd Helton to the All-Star Game! OK, I also had some angry thoughts and lots of bad words flying around but I spent the game voting to get Todd Helton to the All-Star Game!

Yes, as I watched my favorite outfielder get hauled off on a cart, our third baseman become an outfielder, our catcher become a third baseman and our WHOLE pitching staff fall apart, I thought of Todd. Todd Helton has been with this team his entire career. Helton is not just a player on the Rockies, he IS the Rockies! When he retires they will have to find someone to fill his shoes, a hard job to say the least. Many say Tulo will take over as the face of the franchise but I think he has a bit of growing up to do. People always ask why Helton is my favorite and not Tulo or Cargo, two close favorites but no go. My answer is simple: Helton loves the game and you can tell! Todd Helton jogs onto the field every game, he plays with a smile on his face. He shrugs off the errors and tries to do better, he rallies the team, he cheers on his teammates; Todd Helton leads his team! He doesn't go around tossing Gatorade jugs and hitting them with bats after a WIN (cough: Giants' player Brian Wilson: cough) He plays the game and he does it with class! You don't just replace a player like that. Luckily we won't have to for a few more years but Todd is turning 38 this year and that usually signals nearing the end of a baseball career. 

Todd Helton has been to 5 All-Star games and has won 4 Silver Slugger awards and 3 Golden Gloves!  He also holds almost every record for the franchise. He's also climbing the ranks for leaders in the category of "All Time Doubles," passing the likes of greats like Lou Gehrig. He is missing only one thing from his mantle of glory: THE RING! This man could have left us long ago and gone on to play for "better" teams but he stuck by us and helped lead us to the 2007 World Series. Yeah, I know, we didn't win. That's the point! Helton needs his ring! Now, the fans can't do anything about that. That is purely up to him, his teammates and his coach. That is up to how they play the game. Right now they are 6.5 games back from leading their division so they better get to work so they look good before the All Star Break. We can't control Todd getting a ring...What we can control is Todd going to his 6th All Star game!

Todd is up for the final vote for the 2011 All-Star Game. He is up against 4 other players for a spot on the National League team and he deserves it! I don't care if you are a Rockies fan, a Yankees fan, a Dodgers fan, a Twins fan or whatever, when you see a unique player you give them the praise and respect they deserve! Even when my favorite teams play their rivals I can accept a good play from the other team with painful dignity. Todd Helton accepts mistakes and losses and keeps on going. He looks to the future and you can always see him enjoying the game because he gets to play his favorite hobby as his career and you can tell he knows how lucky he is! It's not just luck, it's pure talent but he never flaunts it.

SO, my point: VOTE! It's not difficult and it doesn't cost anything but a few minutes of time. There are no limits to the voting either! Tell your friends, family, whatever. This may seem extreme but look at the one player we've had who hasn't abandoned our team but led us with dignity; Helton deserves another trip to the All-Star Game!

Yes, Helton is my favorite player but he is for good reasons. He deserves this trip. Vote and send him there! You won't be disappointed!


That link will take you right where you need to go, the rest is up to you! I've made my case, now do the right thing ;) He wears the purple proudly, now show him you are proud of him! (Yeah, I went there!)


  1. Jill... I have voted for Todd...
    I feel you have passion for the game...
    I like cricket. :)

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