Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Biggest Loser: End of Week 7

It seems impossible to say that another week has already passed but it has. Sorry this post is a day late but I've been bed-ridden and in pain for a few days. I did manage to weigh in this morning so I have numbers to post. I also have good news! I've reached the point in my diet where I can proudly say, I am seeing results! I put on my jeans the other day and they were very loose and baggy. I'm now at that unfortunate stage where my fat jeans are too loose and my skinny jeans are still a little too tight but I am loving this stage because it means I have been successful! I can't wait until the day when I can say that my skinny jeans are now my fat jeans!

Not this skinny yet but the pants are loose :)

I've also reached that happy point where people are noticing my weight loss! I received a few compliments this week and was told that you could tell I have lost weight. For those of you who know people on a diet, we find it very encouraging when people notice all our hard work. If you know someone on a diet, try to take notice of their changes because it makes them want to work even harder. If you see them every day it may be a bit difficult to tell at times but try to take notice. I know I always want to work harder toward my goal when people notice because I have the mindset that if it's not apparent I lost weight then why should I try? If you don't believe me when I say the compliments are important to us, look here's an article to back me up that was written by a Weight Watchers user.

So, after saying all of that, here are my numbers for the week. They aren't as good as last week but it is a loss and I am celebrating each and every loss. Some weeks will be better than others. 

Weight Lost this Week: 1.1 pounds
Total Weight Lost: 15.4 pounds
Total Weight Percentage Lost: 7.5%

So I've officially broken the 15 pound mark! I'm very excited. This means I have less than 35 pounds left to lose. I set my goal for an even 50 pounds and I am well on my way. My goal is not to be a tiny little thing. I like my curves but I need to get rid of my extra weight so my goal is to be a size 8. I'm on my way!  How's your diet going? Feel free to share tips and comments below! 

I have been promised that I will be able to update on the competition in next week's post. We will see where I stand. I know I am ahead of mom but she has been consistently losing weight each week and I am very proud of her! My sister has promised to weigh in next week so we will see if I am winning or need to pick up the pace. I hope to be able to exercise soon but we'll wait for my back to allow for that. 

Have a great week! And good luck to everyone on a diet! 

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