Friday, December 23, 2011

My New Addiction: Once Upon A Time

Once Upon a Time is ABC's new Fall show that airs on Sundays at 8/7 central. I don't have cable yet (haven't gotten it since the move) so I was really disappointed that I would have to miss this show since I'd been looking forward to it since I saw the preview for it in the summer. Luckily, I recently found that ABC has all of the episodes on their website. I had thought they only did this for the reality shows but I am so happy that they are putting these up because now I can catch up. I started watching the shows two days ago and am already almost caught up.  In fact, I have one show left until I have to wait for new episodes like the rest of the world. The reason I caught up so quick is that this show is purely awesome!

I am a huge fan of fairy tales. I studied the works of Grimms, Hans Christian Andersen and more in college and I always love a good modern twist on the classics. Here I must emphasize the word good. A good twist pays tribute to the classic while creating a new entity. Once Upon a Time does this! I was excited yet skeptical when I saw the previews, now I am sold. The story centers on the idea that the Wicked Witch, in her revenge against Snow White, put a curse over the entire realm of fairy tales that sent them into a realm where there are no happy endings, aka the modern world we live in. This sent all of the characters to a place called Storybrooke, Maine. The only hope of breaking this curse comes in the form of Snow White and Prince Charming's daughter, Emma, who was sent to this realm magically before the curse hit. Now all of the characters are trapped in this small town with no memory of their former lives unless Emma can break the curse. She isn't aware of where she came from either and is less than convinced when she is told this tale from her long lost 10-year-old son (given up for adoption) who has tracked her down to break the curse. He found out about the curse in his fairy tale book and, though everyone tries to convince him it is just a story, he is determined to free the characters from the realm. Are you still with me? I promise it's not as confusing as it sounds. Once you start watching, you pick up what you are meant to know and are slowly given the rest of the information.


The show transitions from the fairy tale land and to present time Storybrooke seamlessly and each realms' stories mirror the other's. Also backing up this show is a great cast. Ginnifer Goodwin plays Snow White and what's great is that Snow White isn't an ordinary damsel in distress, she pretty much kicks butt! Jennifer Morrison plays Emma, the one who is the hope for the characters even if she doesn't want to be. Lana Parrilla plays the Wicked Queen and does a great job of portraying evil but an evil that you know has more to it than just the stereotypical bad-guy personality. Robert Carlyle plays Mr. Gold, aka Rumpelstiltskin, and he is convincingly creepy and crazy yet humorous to the point that you want more. There are so many good portrayals in this show that I could go on and on. I will mention one more though. Jared Gilmore plays Henry, Emma's 10-year-old son that she gave up for adoption at birth, and that young boy does an amazing job! He keeps up with the adult actors around him and is adorable.

The show is from two of the writers from LOSTAdam Horowitz and Edward Kitsi. I never watched LOST but that show managed to last for a long time so I am hoping Once Upon a Time lasts for a while. It's already been renewed for the rest of the season, new episodes begin in January, so I am hoping it stays around for at least a few years because the lighthearted humor mixed with some serious points creates a nice blend that I like to watch. If you like fairy tales, you should like this. Don't get too busy examining them to see if they match up (although, so far, I am finding a lot of similarities), just enjoy the show...I know I am!

Evil Queen
Mr. Gold
Snow White

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