Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Starbucks is Getting Me Through Higher Education

Tonight I headed to my last class of my first semester of Grad School. On the way I stopped at the campus Starbucks, got a Venti Gingerbread Frappuccino and merrily went on my way. It was then that I realized this has become a ritual for me this semester. I went to my Wednesday class with a Starbucks in hand. Why? Because my professor was very, very boring! He's a nice man but wow, monotone voice anyone?! After thinking about it, I realized my intake of coffee has gone up quite a bit this semester as compared to my life before I went back to school.

Here I must note that coffee does not affect me like it does normal people. I don't get caffeine rushes and it doesn't keep me up at night. I drink coffee for the flavor and for the warmth (because I am ALWAYS cold). My mom is a 2 pot a day coffee drinker and is the same way. She and I both can have large cups of coffee right before bed and sleep like babies.

So why does coffee make a difference in my school life? I've come to the conclusion that coffee gives me something to do while my professor talks. I sip on my drink and pretend to listen, I enjoy the flavor and it somehow magically transforms the professor into a tolerable man. But I also realized today that I have relied on coffee for much of my adult life.

I've been drinking coffee since I was about 10 years old and I am living proof that it didn't stunt my growth as I am 5'6 but hey maybe I should have been 6 foot ;) I drank coffee during my late night cram sessions for high school and depended on it even heavier for my undergraduate years in college. The Starbucks was my first stop before my early morning classes. Once again though, it didn't wake me up with the caffeine, the heat woke me up.

I even drink coffee when I have a good teacher. I don't drink as often with a good teacher but when I feel the need to have further concentration or warmth. After I graduated college I still drank coffee but not nearly as often. I had maybe a cup or two a day and I was satisfied. I also began drinking more coffee brewed at home. For some reason I would grab a Starbucks instead of making a fresh pot and taking it with me. Why? Laziness? I don't really know. There was something about Starbucks that said, "Ah, you deserve this cup of joy during your long class" that a normal cup of coffee didn't.

Now I make a pot of coffee AND grab Starbucks on most school days. I lost my travel idea how but I did and so my traveling coffee has been purchased. Either way, Starbucks and coffee in general have fueled my education. But, if not for the awakening powers, why does my coffee intake pick back up when I am in school? I have come to two conclusions: 1.) Coffee comforts me like the security blanket of adulthood. 2.) It provides something to mess with while my teachers speak. This is the only probably causes I can come up with but if anyone cares to add, I would gladly appreciate the comments.

I also drink coffee when I write but this is purely a coffee pot dependency and I drink about 3 times as much. Does sipping my cup of deliciousness make me think clearer? Why do these two tasks call for two different forms of the same thing? I think it's because the coffee in my house is here and I don't have to leave my computer for long to grab it while I write. Either way, I thank coffee for propelling me forward.

So given that Starbucks has fueled my education, don't you think they could make it cheaper? I think the price has raised since my undergraduate degree by at least a dollar and Grad or Undergrad, money doesn't grow on trees! (The price could also be a reason why I am brewing so much lately) Wouldn't it be nice if Starbucks had a student discount? I don't see that happening but next semester you will probably see me in the campus Starbucks once again!

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