Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Espresso Book Machine

In response to all of the e-books being established, there is a relatively new machine called the Espresso Book Machine. This machine resembles a giant copier and can print a book in 4-5 minutes. Watching this thing work is amazing!

This article explains the process and the machine pretty well but I've heard they are now using normal copier paper to cut prices. I've also heard there are approximately 40 of these machines in existence and they want to keep making them. They are especially useful for libraries to reprint books that have been destroyed. In 4-5 minutes a brand new book with a shiny new cover, resembling a paperback book you can find in any bookstore, is created. I don't know about my fellow book-reading nerds but I want one of these machines so I can scroll the database and hit "print" and have my book. I love e-books but nothing beats the feeling of turning the page during a good book (yup, I'm that nerd). 

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