Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Corgi Thinks He Rules the House...and He Usually Does!

I'm the proud mama of a six month old Corgi. He's a cute little guy and he gets complimented everywhere we go...yes, I'm also a boasting mama. He just recently had his 6 month check-up to which the new vet told us he is a healthy, very happy, sixteen pound Corgi. Yes, he is very happy. Why? Because he runs this household. OK, not really but it feels like it sometimes. Who knew that so much control could come from a little guy with tiny legs? From the moment he wakes up, he is the prince of the house. What better example is there than this: When I open my computer to check my e-mail or blog, I soon find a furry little head lying in my lap and if my lap is not available his head is on my keyboard. I wish I had a dollar for every time his little nose has pushed the button that makes the screen go blank. I have learned to keep my keyboard slightly to the right since he always lays his head on my left side. And if I don't rub his belly right away? I hear a little growl that clearly says, "Excuse me, I come first. Rub the belly, now!"

Don't get me wrong, there is discipline...which is usually followed by cute eyes and more spoiling but he is a good puppy. He is curious which often gets us into interesting situations, like the time he got his head stuck in my shoe, but he is very obedient. He is also VERY protective. I love this. Aside from the annoyance of having to calm him down when he wants to attack the door because of various sounds or knocking, it is very cute how protective he is of me. When my boyfriend Bill tickles me and I scream, he is ready to attack. When the two of us play wrestle, he will charge. He loves Bill but you don't mess with mommy. :) He is a very playful puppy and loves everybody but you don't mess with mommy (or daddy usually)!

It makes me sad how big he has gotten. I miss the little furry ball that I used to be able to grab with one hand to pick up. However, he is becoming a great dog and gets cuter every day! So here's to the head of the household (I'm sure all dog owners understand) and here's some pictures of this cute little guy as he grew (mostly for my family back home but also for pure enjoyment!)
Oscar and my nephew Gabe the first week we had him.

His love of belly rubs and shoes came early in life! :)

Aw, look how little he was!

Even then he knew how to glare when he didn't get his way...

On our way to New York!

Playing together on Bill's birthday.

Him and his Snoopy toy...poor Snoopy!

Sleeping like an angel

6 months old! (And sitting on my computer cord)

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