Thursday, October 13, 2011

Poetry Corner- "In Memory of Chris Farley"

This poem was written during my last semester of college. To say the teacher tested me is an understatement but hey, maybe she brought out the best in me...or maybe she drove me close to insanity. Either way, I produced over 15 poems for her class and this was one of my favorites. The assignment was to model a poem after one from the book. We had to model it in form and in meaning. The poem I choose was "The Death of Marilyn Monroe" by Sharon Olds. I choose a different actor whose life ended too soon.

"In Memory of Chris Farley"

Your brother found you
sprawled out on the floor,
arm out-stretched,
rosary grasped in hand.
Dead like your idol,
thirty-three like Belushi.
Was it drugs, was it the heart?
All to blame.
Seventeen trips to rehab couldn’t save
you from yourself.

We remember you,
cart-wheeling across the stage,
a van down by the river
your true home.
            When did your life take
a turn--the laughter
quieted by drugs. You, the Almost Hero,
helpless on the floor
reaching for help that never came.
Forever the Black Sheep,
the expectations of comedy were too much.

Now alive only in memories,
our dear Tommy Boy,
you entertained through silent pain, the funny

This wasn't the only piece I wrote about Chris Farley, maybe I'll share the others soon. He was one of my favorite actors growing up and I still watch his movies and laugh every time. I chose a more dignified picture up top but below is how I'll always remember him. What a great man!

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