Thursday, October 20, 2011

National Writing Day- Jill Will Write!

I woke up today and thought, "hmm, I should really write today since it is my day off." And I mean a real day of writing, not this, "I worked a little on my story today," crap I've been doing around work and school. A day off means REAL writing. I am talking about "sit down and don't get up until you have finished" writing! I have started many short stories lately, worked a bit on my novels and re-visited old children's stories I have written. Well, today I am going to do more. I am not saying I will conquer the world of writing in one day but inspiration will at least lead me to a finished short story or two. 

After this proclamation, I got online and found out it was National Writing Day. What a perfect day to have the urge to write for hours! My inner Spidey-Writing senses must have been tingling due to this day. I would love to say I am always as productive as I feel I will be today but I am human and I also have a job and grad school to contend with. Usually, I do what I can, but today, well today I will do more and maybe I'll get some cleaning done as well ;)  So now I sit with my coffee freshly brewing in the kitchen and I am ready to seize the day...wish me luck!

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