Thursday, October 27, 2011

I AM My Father's Daughter

Last night I was standing in the line for Starbucks to get my caffeine fix before class and this guy in front of me was talking to his girlfriend and I swear he repeated the words Java Chip about twenty times. Because it's super cool to repeat the same words over and over, not really changing your tone, because there is SOMETHING awesome about the words Java Chip...I'm missing something apparently. I was kind of thinking he might have Tourettes or something but he carried on a conversation without any issues after he moved on from the amazing genius of Starbuck's Java Chip frappachinos. Really boy, you think you are impressing your girlfriend by repeating words like a ten year old? If she is impressed then I have no hope for society. It was at about the tenth time he said it, after stopping for a minute to have a normal conversation, that I started thinking, "Hmmm...we should suffocate stupid people." I'm not kidding, I thought it in a off-hand sort of way like this is a normal thought to have. I've never hid the fact that I despise stupidity but I've never had a thought like this so nonchalantly. It reminded me of something my father would say, out loud. I'm obviously my father's daughter, we share the same sense of humor, say facial expressions and apparently the same twisted thought process. The other day Bill even pointed at me and said, "That look was totally your father!" I hadn't even realized I'd done it. So I started to wonder, when do I reach the point where I say it out loud?

Today, I was sitting in the library trying to study, yes actually studying instead of searching the internet for once. Suddenly this idiot sits down and starts loudly telling his friend about how his classes are a waste of time and how he could already have a job by now. Two thoughts crossed my mind. 1.) If you think you are wasting your time then please leave and stop being so loud in the library. 2.) Really? Have you SEEN the job field right now? Good luck getting hired! Then I started to listen to his use of vocab...or lack of use of vocab. This kid thought he was straight up gangsta, yo! (Yeah, that's how he talked). No offense but this kid was obviously from a richer family and he apparently was a wannabe gangster who was doing his best to act cool. Well junior, all you did was sound like a tool! I wanted to hit him across the back of the head and tell him to use his inside voice, stop throwing his mini tantrum and put on his big boy pants. I know I shot him a few looks straight from my father's list of expressions. Once again, when do I start saying this stuff out loud? I know my filter will someday diminish and these things will pop from my mouth but I don't know when. I often find myself beginning to say something and stopping my self. How long until that control fades? If you know my father you know his filter is pretty much gone. I guess we'll see how long I have until that happens.

Oh well, I am my father's daughter and proud of it!

This reminds me of my dad!

Me and the man I have been channeling lately.
Gotta love him!

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