Thursday, October 20, 2011

National Writing Day Continues

So, how is National Writing Day going? Pretty well, I think. I finished a short story that is 21 pages long (over 5,000 words), this is my second blog and I plan on working on my novel and editing a friend's story before the day ends. And I did all of this with the constant distraction of my my ever-ringing cell phone and my puppy:

Isn't he cute? Yes, and he likes to rest his head on my computer while I type and  he  naps because he, like most children, heck even most adults, doesn't understand that writing is one of my jobs. Yet, I still feel very productive today. Now, I am off to get ready for date night and to write and edit more, whether it is before my boyfriend gets home or later. I hope every other writer is finding this day as productive as I am!

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