Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dracula - Flashback to a Previous Life

A few weeks ago I went to the production of Dracula, done by Metropolitan State College of Denver. I'd love to say this was to support the college I earned my Bachelors Degree from but, alas, it was not. It was to support my best friend, Laura, and her need to write a play review, a better reason I think, and to see a play I have wanted to see for years.

Since I graduated I haven't gone to see many plays. In my high school career I acted in all but one play put on by the school (I withdrew from one due to  conflict with the director), helped with props, sets and even directed my own  one act play. In college, I put my love of plays to the wayside. Aside from going to plays to fulfill requirements in Intro to Theater and writing plays for my Playwriting class, I didn't do much with theater in college. This makes me sad now because I really love the performing arts. Seeing Dracula and helping my Laura out with her classwork was like getting a small glimpse of a former life. I loved it!

The play was great! I was impressed with the acting, especially with Logan Custer, who played asylum patient Renfield. He was convincing and amazing! He was crazy and twitching yet endearing in an odd way I can't explain. I looked forward to seeing him come on stage. In fact, Laura and I quietly would clap with excitement every time he appeared. I would not be surprised if I saw this guy in a movie or play in the future.

The usage of a minimal set was also wonderful. The stage was small but well used. Trap doors allowed for extra scenes and "surprise" entrances...or they would have been surprised had the trap doors been painted to actually fit the wall but the wall pieces showed stones that didn't line up, thus making the audience aware of where people could pop out. This is small but, because I used to help with sets, it bothers me. Laura noticed it first but I couldn't stop staring at it throughout the play. The lighting and the sound was also well done and created an eerily wonderful setting. The whole play was excellent and I had a great time. (My rating? Well, 1 spoonful of sugar is only needed for a little sweetening of the review.)

This, and visiting Laura in class, reminded me how much I love the theater. I miss the thrill I used to get before taking the stage. I miss the rewarding feeling of a job well done once the play was complete. Most of all, I miss the experience of being a part of a group of individuals who come together with one goal: make a show the audience will love and remember! I miss it all. I became the girl who went to class with Laura, despite not even going to the school anymore...to quote Mean Girls, "She doesn't even go here!"  In class with her today I began to wonder why I never did a play in college. Was I too busy? Did I fear being rejected and not being good enough? Did I just lose interest for a while? Who knows. All I know is I miss it. Perhaps someday I will get one of my plays performed and be a part of this amazing experience again. Until then, I have decided to see as many plays as I can and support the arts like I once did. Who knows, maybe I will volunteer at a theater someday...it could be fun!  ;)

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  1. It was truly an awesome play! But where's your spoon fulls of sugar rating?