Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Poetry Corner- Heartbreak

As you may have noticed, I use poetry to express my deepest feelings. For as long as I can remember, for every time something has gone wrong or upset me there has been a poem to express how I felt. When I took poetry in my last semester of college I had a very demanding teacher. She had many rules and guidelines: no rhyming, has to show emotion, etc. While this woman made me wish I could run away forever, she did help me come to terms with many of the demons in my life. One of these demons was heartbreak. One of my best friends for years broke my heart when he decided to lead me on. I never thought I would feel love and he seemed to prove that to me by how he acted. This poem, "Heartbreak," was written for my Catalog Poem assignment and was my own set of guidelines to getting over such a betrayal. I never thought I would be loved...that is until my met my boyfriend Bill. He has changed my life for the better in every way imaginable and I can't imagine life without him. He even inspired me to do something I have never done before: write a happy poem! This may sound depressing but poems have always been my outlet for fear and rage, sadness and betrayal. I have never used a poem to express happiness. I am still working on perfecting this poem but here is the one about the man who I THOUGHT ruined me. I really like it even though he is out of my life now. I also thank Bill for putting me back together and making me the person I am today. Without him, I would be lost. I love you babe!


Cry yourself to sleep.
Don't let anyone see the tears.
Doubt yourself and everything you are.
Retreat into your mind and
build a wall around your heart.
Eat ice cream in hopes of
out the sorrow.
Put a smile on your face and
you are okay.
Watch comedies because dramas will just bring on the tears.
Wash your face, put on makeup and
try to feel pretty again.
Go through life in a daze.
Wonder what went wrong.
Wonder what you did to deserve this.
Tempt yourself to kiss a bunch of strangers, any stranger, but
know that won't stop the pain.
Wake up.
Get out of bed.
Do your best to move on.
Time heals all wounds--what a lie that is--
wounds just scab over and wait to reopen.
Keep breathing.
Go out with friends.
Wait to break down the wall around your heart
and hope you won't have to rebuild it.

Thank you babe for breaking down my wall and making sure I never have to rebuild it again.


  1. LOVE IT! So happy your no longer like that!

  2. Wow babe this poem is great. I love you and you will never have to rebuild a wall again. I am so glad I am the man who has made you happy again. That guy has no clue what he has lost and I thank him. You deserve the world babe, now go live it up. I love you so much!!

  3. this poem is good and it reminds you what you possess today... the world is yours. I am happy for you and him. see, when you let yourself into something then only you come to realise with every coming day what it is, in my case i don't let myself into anything for fear that i will find myself vulnerable emotionally that is why i believe my poetry is all about dreams... :)
    i don't know much abt poetry as i am a pre doctoral science student... :)
    nice to know you be in touch... pleased to know you... luv you..
    and yes that wall thing... boundaries need to be broken to realise the world outside that is greener :)