Sunday, December 12, 2010

Inspiration- Oh, What a Feeling!

It feels great to be writing again. Starting this blog has reawaken my love for writing! I thought my creativity was dead after my car accident but here it is, alive and ready to work! I now have ideas for a few screenplays (thanks to Bill), my novel I was working on before the accident and I want to work on my children's books again! I will be posting my short stories on here soon and working hard on all of these projects. I am so happy to be doing what I love again! Writing has always been my passion and I thought I had lost it. I am so glad this isn't true! I will continue my movie reviews and poetry on here as well. I am so glad to have my inspiration back and I owe a lot of thanks to a lot of people. First a huge thanks to Bill for supporting me and telling me I can do this and always reading my work and giving his opinions. Second, a HUGE thanks to Kortnee for telling me I needed a blog. Third, a big thanks to my mom and my best friend Laura for telling me I could do this and always supporting me! All of you have given me my hope back and I can't even begin to convey how much I appreciate it! I love you all! I have the best support system in the world! Well, here I go, off to work. Hi ho, Hi ho, it's off to work I go! :)


  1. You can do anything babe. I am very proud of you!

    Love, Bill

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  3. I appreciate your blog .. even my blog also motivates me to write .. :) BTW thank you for appreciating my blog :)