Thursday, December 9, 2010

Poetry Corner- Love Finds

I stated in my Poetry Corner post "Heartbreak" that my poems were never happy until I met my boyfriend Bill. My poetry has never been an outlet for happiness and joy. This is not because I was always depressed but because my poetry wasn't meant to express just any emotions but my deepest emotions. Until I met Bill, I never experienced love. I had always had familial love but never the real, unconditional, forever type of love that I always dreamed of but never thought I'd find. He changed everything for me and helped dig me out of the very dark hole that I was living in. I have only ever written my deepest emotions and this is probably why I finally wrote a happy poem, because my deepest emotion is now love. This poem is, of course, about him and I'm not usually the type of person to wear my heart on my sleeve but it deserves to be read. Through the good and the bad, the ups and downs, I know he will catch me and I never thought I would have that. So thank you to Bill, I love you very much. To the rest of you, I hope you enjoy.

Love Finds

I thought love forgot me,
Abandoned me long ago.
It had left me.
Love I would never know.

The feeling of falling
Was nothing new to me,
But no one would ever catch
And leave me weak at the knees.

Then I met you
And everything changed.
Everything was different,
My whole heart rearranged.

You opened up spaces
I didn’t know my heart held.
You made me believe.
You cast me under your spell.

You made me trust.
You made me smile.
You made me love,
Though first came denial.

I didn’t want to believe,
I didn’t want to risk.
I couldn’t take more lies,
Couldn’t take more tricks.

I thought
 every man was the same;
Use you and leave you
Until nothing remains.

But you changed everything.
You proved me wrong.
You opened my heart.
You proved we belong.

You melted my heart,
Broke down the wall,
Destroyed my defenses,
You caught the fall.

My heart is yours,
You made it whole.
You have my everything,
Mind, body and soul.

I thank you for loving me
When I thought no one could.
I love you for seeing the real me
When no one would.

Forever and always,
'Til death do us part.
Us against the world,
You have my heart.

Thank you babe, you have no idea what you have done for me.
You mean the world to me!


  1. :D VERY AWESOME! I loved every word of it and am so very happy you also feel the same about someone else!

  2. hey Jill i loved this . Awesome!!! is the exact word. I ma very happy for you.... :)

  3. Wow babe, you just brought the biggest smile on my face. I will always love you no matter what. You are my everything. I love this poem and it just makes me feel so great that we together. I love you for now and forever.