Sunday, December 12, 2010

Megamind P.P.M.R (Positively Positive Movie Reviews)

Following in the footsteps of Despicable Me,  Megamind is a film that will have you rooting for the "bad guy."  Again we see the bad guy with a heart trying to conquer the world but showing emotions and vulnerability that will eventually bring out his good side. Don't worry, the likeness ends here, though both movies are great.

Megamind is hilarious! I saw it first in 3D with my boyfriend and then again today with my sister and nephew in regular format. It was so good I had to see it twice but what else can you expect from a movie starring Will Ferrell, Tina Fey and Jonah Hill? They are amazing! Ferrell plays Megamind and manages to make a cartoon character multidimensional through his voice. Sure he makes you laugh as usual but he also makes you feel for the "evil" character. You can't help but find Megamind endearing.

Fey is hilarious as always and is the perfect fit for Roxanne Ritchie, the no-nonsense, sarcastic television reporter that has captured Megamind's heart during his many times kidnappings her. She isn't your normal damsel in distress. She takes charge at times, making the character even more likable. Roxanne also catches the eye of Titan, played by Jonah Hill, who manages to play a crazed, starstruck, stage 5 clinger just as well as he always does while making the role different than his other similar ones. He is hysterically awkward.

Also great is David Cross as Minion, Megamind's right hand man...uh fish-type thing from space. He has Megamind's back no matter what and adds even more humor to the story. EVERY person needs a Minion, if only for the humorous banter. Megamind and Minion's conversations will have you leaving the theater saying everything in really you will say everything like this: "Code: That was an awesome movie!" "Code: No kidding, let's see it again!" Why you ask? Simply because Megamind and Minion don't seem to always grasp the normal understandings of the English language. Megamind's problems with pronouncing words just adds more humor to the situation.

Brad Pitt plays the town's hero, Metro Man, but he is not in the film nearly as much as the trailers would lead you to believe. When he is, the character seems so pompous you can't help but hope for him to go away.

Were parts of this movie predictable? Of course, it's a children's movie, but this didn't deter me from the film. I knew certain things would happen, what makes them interesting is the road taken to get to these points. There was great scenes of humor, romance and friendship. If I had one complaint, which of course I don't because this is the Positively Positive Movie Review, it would be about one bit of humor...who doesn't love a scene in a children's movie where one of the characters proclaims that the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny aren't real?! I know I sure love it! Don't worry though if you don't, the character also says Queen Elizabeth is fake so you can explain to your child that this particular character is just delusional and has no idea what they are talking about.

Just another great thing about this film? The soundtrack! In what other children's movie can we hear Michael Jackson's "Bad", AC/DC's "Highway to Hell," and Ozzy's "Crazy Train?" I was tapping my feet around and singing under my breath!

This movie has a great balance of juvenile humor with the added bits of adult humor that will keep both audiences entertained through the entire movie. What the children don't catch, the adults do and it's fun to watch the kids looking around, wondering why the adults are laughing...don't worry kids, you will get it someday.

So, did I love this movie? Heck yes! Will I buy it when it comes out on DVD? Heck yes! Was it better in 3D? Surprisingly, HECK YES! I am one of those people who is sick of everything being in 3D these days but, in this case, the 3D doesn't feel added to make more money, it appears throughout the film instead of being added in here and there. Either way you see it though, this film is great!

Movie Rating: 1 Spoonful- We needed a little sugar-coating.


  1. BEST MOVIE EVER! We will go and buy it when it comes out on DVD full screen! :D

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