Sunday, December 5, 2010

New P.P.M.R (Positively Positive Movie Reviews) Rating System

I've decided to add a rating system to my movie reviews. Much like the 5 star rating or the alphabet rating systems, this one will have five options. The only difference is the lower the score means the better the movie in these ratings. Here are the ratings:
No Spoonfuls- No sugar needed to sweeten this review.

1 Spoonful- We needed a little sugar-coating.

2 Spoonfuls-We could bake a cake.
3 Spoonfuls- Your sweet-tooth should be aching.

 4 Spoonfuls- Go see a dentist, your teeth should be rotten now.

For those wondering, I did add a review to "Tangled" and it was a 1 Spoonful. Enjoy!


  1. LOL I love the pictures for your spoonfuls of sugar. :-)

  2. THIS IS AWESOME! I love this and think its a great way! :D