Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 11...Bring on Day 12!

Another day down, another bunch of words written. I'm pleased to say this was another productive day. I wish I had started a tally of how many cups of coffee I have consumed during this experience because I am sure I have passed thirty at least. Alas, we will never know. I've also become obsessed with creamer. I've always loved coffee and have always loved adding delicious flavors but the holiday flavors have been released and, thanks to a nice sale, my fridge is full. Before anyone asks, no this is not a sponsored blog post. I just really, really love International Delights. I've become obsessed with their Gingerbread flavor and I got this mapley good one tonight that is delicious too. For some reason coffee and this wonderful flavoring keeps me going...I blame my mother and her two pots a day habit. Can anyone tell that I am jazzed on caffeine right now? Anyway, I'm sure nobody really cares about my coffee addiction so I will move on.

I got tired of my current scene today so I jumped ahead and started writing one that has been spinning in my head for a while. I've been jumping between the scenes and I think they are forming nicely. It will be interesting to see where my character's take me next. I'm really loving the humor that I find myself adding without really meaning to. This story is surprising me so I hope it surprises others in a positive way as well. Alright, here are my numbers for the day:

Words Written Today: 3,089
Total Words Written: 29,190

I wanted to break 30,000 before bed but my mind seems to be freezing up so I plan on sleeping and waking up refreshed and ready to write, after work that is. I don't work much this weekend so I am hoping to put up some big numbers. I also hope to see another movie soon so keep your eyes peeled for a movie review. Last but certainly not least, I am getting closer to be finishing my ebook. I will post a link to it when  it is up. Have a great night everyone! 

Gummi Bears anyone? I LOVED this
show as a child...still do actually.

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