Monday, November 7, 2011

Days 6 and 7 of NaNoWriMo!

After working two of the biggest shopping days for the store, so far that is, I was exhausted yesterday so I decided to go to bed after writing and to update on Days 6 and 7 in a joint blog. Day 6 was a productive day, I am happy to report. 

Words Written: 3,162
Total Words Written: 15,233

I surpassed the word count for Day 9 and this makes me happy because I may have a really off day and I like to be prepared.

Day 7, today:

Today was even better than yesterday. I am getting to some scenes that I am really excited about and that I have had in my mind for days. I also have had fun realizing that I've created an odd sense of humor throughout the story. I like the light-hearted additions I have put in. I also updated my NaNoWriMo page with a synopsis and excerpt from the novel, thanks to a reminder from Kortnee (she is doing great! Check out her page)! I hope my synopsis is good enough, I don't really like writing them. I ALSO added a working title to the page so, needless to say, I've been very busy today. 

Word Written Today: 3,748
Total Words Written: 18,981

I hope to pass 20,000 words before bed, if not then definitely right away in the morning. 20,000 is the goal for Day 12 according to NaNoWriMo so I will be nicely ahead of schedule.

Here is what I added to my NaNoWriMo site. I hope you enjoy and have a great night!

Working Title: ReWitched 
(This is going to be a YA Fantasy novel)
Synopsis:  Alena is the daughter of the King and Queen of Oranthia, a magical realm. Years ago her parents were killed by a mysterious stranger who stole their powers. However, when he tried to turn on Alena, he was too late and she was rescued by Vina, a fairy and servant to the Queen. Alena's powers were bound and she was raised in the mortal realm without any knowledge of her magic. Years later, when the stranger becomes increasingly close to finding Alena, Vina must unbind her powers and teach her the ways of their realm. Both their lives depend on it.


Vina’s hand reached for a container lying next to her. She stuck her hand in it and when she pulled it back out she had a handful of white dust.
She continued to mutter but yelled the last words of the incantation, “Return thy powers to thee,” and threw the white powder into the pot. A loud bang resonated around the kitchen once again and a cloud of smoke flew into the air, throwing Alena backward onto the floor.
“Are you ok?” Vina said as Alena coughed and they both waved their hands to clear the smoke. When it cleared a bit more, Vina looked down at Alena with wide eyes. “I think it worked.”
“How do you know?” Alena coughed again and continued to wave at the smoke though it was clearing almost as rapidly as it happened.
“You’re glowing.”

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