Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4 Comes to an End!

I started today with my word count already higher than the projection that NaNoWriMo had set for today in order for me to reach 50,000 words by the end of the month. I wrote a little before work and a little bit after and didn't expect to do too much but when I got home from dinner and a movie tonight I decided I should keep my momentum going. I've found my dear friend Kortnee's method of recording her words to be much easier to read than my previous method of dropping it into sentence form so I am going to copy my smart friend, but change it a little, and lay it out like this:

NaNoWriMo's projected count for today: 6,666
NaNoWriMo's projected count for tomorrow: 8,333
NaNoWriMo's projected count for Day 6: 10,000
My Word Count at the end of Day 3 (yesterday): 8,105
Words Completed today: 2,096
Total Words Written: 10,201

What this means is I am past my word count for today, tomorrow and the next day. Yay! I have to admit, I am pretty proud but I am not done yet! This is the end of my word count for today technically but I will be writing more before I go to sleep. Those words will count under tomorrow's words because of the way the website adds them. So, I am 1/5 (20%) of the way done with my novel according to the website and I feel awesome! I am on a roll and I don't feel like quitting yet. I am glad I got a little bit of a head start in case I come to a few bumps and need a break or to do some research. I also hope to finish a movie review tomorrow before work. It feels great to be writing with a set goal in mind! I've decided to keep setting goals for myself after this to keep the momentum going. I love this month so far and can't wait to edit my "finished" product at the end of the month. To Bill, thanks for the continued high fives as I reach my milestones, it may seem small but those keep me going! To Kortnee, you got this! I can't wait to read your story at the end of the month! Have a great night everyone!

Per Bill's request, my picture of writing today
is brought to you by Doug and Porkchop!
(Remember those awesome guys?!)

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